持続可能なキャンプ –自然体験文化を未来のリーダーへ

The ICF-AO 2019 logo applies ‘Batik’ element with ‘Kelicap’ and ‘Bunga Raya’ as our tropical flora and fauna.



‘Batik’ is a traditional art and craft that represents how we value the traditional heritage and culture. ‘Batik’ normally appears in vibrant and colorful tones to symbolize our united multi-racial community, as it is with ICF-AO 2019 itself, an assembly of people from many countries and cultures.


Bunga Raya / Hibiscus

There are many kinds of hibiscus subspecies found in Malaysia but none is more splendid than that of the ‘rosa-sinenses’ also known as ‘rose-mallow’, ‘shoe flower’ or ‘Queen of Tropical Flower’, or as locals call it, ‘Bunga Raya’


Hibiscus or ‘Bunga Raya’ is Malaysia’s National Flower. The red petals symbolize courage, and the five petals represent the Rukun Negara (National Principles) – the belief, loyalty, leadership, control, courtesy and morality .


Kelicap / Sunbird

‘Kelicap’ or Sunbird is a bird with slender downward-curved bills with variation in colors. They can easily be seen in Malaysia, and readily enter your garden in the morning looking for flowering plants. An attractive bird, they are fairly resistant to changes in habitat, symbolizing their ‘sustainability’ power, and considered aggressive when defending their territories, showing their unity and leadership.


All of these elements are the values we need to instill in our future generations. Therefore, it synergizes perfectly with the ICF-AO 2019 theme ‘Camping Sustainability – Nurturing Culture for Future Leaders’

持続可能なキャンプ –自然体験文化を未来のリーダーへ




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