Camping Sustainability – Nurturing Culture for Future Leaders


The Crown Prince Of Perlis, Malaysia

Royal Guess of honour

Welcome to all Delegates.

 I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to International Camping Fellowship (ICF) and all delegates from many nations for the supports to Malaysia at ICF Asia Oceania 2019 with its theme “Camping Sustainability – Nurturing Culture for Future Leaders”.

 I am pleased to see that Malaysia shares the vision with the International Community, working towards improvement of camping development emphasising on sustainability programs in building future leaders while nurturing its culture.

 Malaysia is a unique and megadiverse country. Our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual society; with Malays, Chinese, Indians and a myriad of indigenous ethnic groups with their own unique culture and heritage have influenced each other, creating a truly Malaysian culture. Diversity is our source of strength and pride. It teaches us how to be strong in spite of our differences. It instils character and nurtures our citizens through a sense of unity for the advancement of the nation.

The ICF-Asia Oceania 2019 brings the world together and I believe Malaysia could be one of the best platforms in the world camping community to interact and have a conducive conference as well as outdoor adventure experience and educational. Your support is vital as Malaysia continues to build and develop the camping and outdoor education at the best nature environment with our blessed rainforest, highlands and mountains as well as rivers and beaches

I hope through this program, we can gather more often here for the world to learn and understand more about Malaysia culture, and for us to learn, to share knowledge, to network and to uplift this industry to a higher paradigm, competitiveness and at the same time ensuring the sustainability of its ecosystem for future generations

 As a country, Malaysia will be more successful through harmony and unity that we embrace; but as a world community, the voice in this congress will be more valuable and meaningful if we can together uphold the education and future of our children by removing the distinction, racism and uplifting the unity for peace and security and sustainability of our nature and future leaders.

Welcome to Malaysia

17th – 21st October 2019

See you in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Distinguished Delegates and Guests

On behalf of the International Camping Fellowship, I am pleased to extend a global welcome to all national and international delegates to the ICF Asia-Oceania Congress 2019. The theme of “Camping Sustainability – Nurturing Culture for Future Leaders” is especially timely and important. Here we stand at a critical crossroad where our choices must be guided with both our heads and our hearts.

I can think of no better place to embrace and address the question of sustainability than in this garden nation of Malaysia. Together with the camping professionals here and around the region, we delegates can understand the intrinsic importance of ‘nature as teacher’ in our camp education purposes. The natural world cries out for advocates and all of us depend upon her finding those who place the health of the Earth at the highest priority. Sustaining camp and sustaining nature go hand in hand.

In 2003, camping professionals in the Asia-Oceania region met in Australia and first embraced the importance of working together in common purpose. The Asia-Oceania Camping Fellowship was the result. Over the years, it developed both a sense of community . The theme song for that Congress in Melbourne, Australia included the lines: “Let’s celebrate how we differ; Let’s celebrate what we share”. These words have come to mind many times since that decision over 25 years ago. They have led to growth, strength

Six prior congresses have led us to Malaysia this year. Here in Malaysia we can see, and celebrate, what can be accomplished when a diverse community works together. Malaysia epitomizes the very idea of camp education – learning to live together so that everyone can be the best they can be. Knowing your culture is knowing your history… and knowing yourself. Each of us is stronger when we know our own story and we all benefit in knowing each other’s story as well.

And finally, let us all remember that we are here for the children. The young people in our care deserve everything we can give them. They deserve the healthiest earth, the strongest guidance and the best opportunity to build a bright future. That future extends to the entire world without borders and without barriers.

And so it is with deep gratitude that we arrive here to ICF-AO 2019. We thank Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra for his patronage and support. We acknowledge the extraordinary effort of the host committee to prepare for our arrival. We appreciate that everyone has made some sacrifice and effort to arrive here together at this time. We honor that investment and belief in this important gathering.

Thank you for your role in ‘bringing together the world of outdoor experience’. Enjoy your time together.

Azmi Nashriby Abu Zahar

Myleaf chairman

I would like to thank you the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) for the trust to give
MyLEAF Malaysia the opportunity to host the ICF Asia-Oceania 2019. The
memorable honour was announced during the 6th Asia-Oceania Camping
Congress 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.

For Malaysia, this event is special due to the restructuring of Asia-Oceania Camping
Fellowship (AOCF) to ICF Asia-Oceania. MyLEAF is honoured to be given the
mandate as the organizer of the event by ICF as the Regional Event for Asia
Oceania. The objective of this event remains the same i.e.: gathering of Camp
Professionals from all over the globe.

MyLEAF would like to thanks the Government of Malaysia i.e. Department of
Standards Malaysia (DSM) and Malaysia Convention, Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) for
the support extended to MyLEAF to make this event ICF-Asia Oceania 2019
Malaysia a success.

We hope this event will be the opportunity to bridge Malaysian camping enthusiast and the
international camping community with our theme Camping Sustainability Nurturing
Culture for Future Leaders as well as experience the camping adventure that
Malaysian Government have planned under the New ECO Tourism Plan 2016/2025.

Welcome to Malaysia!

17th – 21st October 2019

See you in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sufriana Mohd Taib

ICF-AOCC 2019 Chairperson

Malaysia is proud to invite the world camping community to feel the experience of camping congress in our diversified cultures of Malaysia on this upcoming October 2019.

MyLEAF (Malaysian Tropical Environment Adventure & Fellowship Society) as the hosting association of the Congress belief strongly that camping is a way to unite people from all over the world.  With the concept of “Learning through Experiential Adventure Fellowship’, camping could be the best platform to share knowledge, experience, culture and tradition, and most importantly strengthen leadership skills, survival spirit, teamwork and unity.

With our theme Camping Sustainability – Nurturing Culture for Future Leaders’, we have outlined the activities on youth development and enrichment program, as well as culture exchange program.

We really hope that the ICF-AOCC 2019 Malaysia will be a great success in Bringing Together a World of Camp Professionals; to continue the movement.

We therefore would like to welcome you to Malaysia.

Save The Dates!

17th – 21st October 2019

See you in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fahrettin Gozet

ICF Vice-President and ICF-AOCC 2019 Co-Chair

Dear all,

I have great pleasure to announce that the ICF- Asia Oceania 2019 Camping Congress is to be held in Malaysia in October of that year. The congress will take place in Kuala Lumpur and is offering post-Congress study and vacation tours.

The Congress is hosted by the dedicated youth educators of Malaysia and we have no doubt that it will be done at a high professional level. The Malaysian camp professionals and young enthusiasts will do their best to make everyone comfortable, welcomed and pleased with their experience.

We believe that the mutual respect and understanding of each other which we can develop in children across the World through camping can be a major contributor to building World peace. International Camping Fellowship is proud to report that our membership keeps growing, getting stronger and becoming more influential as we work for the development of Camp movement in the world.

We are keen to meet, exchange with and do business with people from all over the World. Our camping industry is vibrant, and involves a lot of international exchange. In camping we have much to show the World, and in turn are keen to learn much from other countries.

We hope that in Kuala Lumpur you will have a chance to meet camp professionals, staff and counselors from many countries. Many of them have already participated in the International Congresses before. Some will be new to our great event but not new to the camping world. You will meet camp leaders and counselors from such places as Asia, Africa, Australia, America and Europe.

As ICF-AO 2019 Organizing Committee members, we are looking forward to hosting hundreds of camp professionals from all over the world to Malaysia. It will be a great event allowing us to strengthen our international ties; to learn from and to teach a vibrant and rapidly growing part of the camping world; and to experience the wonderful and exotic, new and ancient, sights, sounds and tastes of Malaysia.

Malaysia has always been famous for its great hospitality and each of you will find there things to do for your business, professional development, knowledge and pleasure.

On behalf of the International Camping Fellowship welcome to ICF-AOCC 2019 Malaysia!

Yours sincerely,

Fahrettin Gozet

Camping Sustainability – Nurturing Culture for Future Leaders

Endorsed by

Organized by

Malaysian Tropical Environment Adventure & Fellowship Society, MyLEAF

18B, Jalan Cempaka 15, Taman Cempaka, 68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA.